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That's it 1st session done today! Awesome Awesome Awesome !!!

Perfect well-being! And of course to redo!

Thanks Agnès


Facebook - 08/27/20


Fabulous session! From the start of the session, I was inundated and enveloped by the vibrations of the Tibetan bowls. I had blockages in my pelvis and stomach, I felt them gradually diminish and my body became light and relaxed. I felt on a cloud of soothing vibrations. I loved this great experience with Agnès. Don't hesitate to give it a try.




A first for me .... And not the least! An incredible treatment, which released tensions in my body and allowed me to feel the vibrations of the sounds. What intensity and what an experience! I strongly recommend the care of Agnès who is very attentive. A moment of guaranteed relaxation, in kindness and professionalism. Thank you Agnès for your welcome and your care.

Isa - Energy Sophrologist



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"First unforgettable experience of care with Agnes

I was able to test a treatment with Tibetan bowls, it made me feel great and I highly recommend it

I can't wait to test the tuning forks too "

Nanouch Cool

Facebook - 6/19/20

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