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Sonology , or "touch by sound" uses different tuning forks called "therapeutic tuning forks" to stimulate the different elements of the body: bones, muscles, organs, tendons, plexus ...

  • Unweighted tuning forks, etheric tuning forks, are more listened to and placed in the aura.
    They allow you to quickly reach different states of consciousness.
    These tuning forks restore balance to cellular memories.
    The frequencies mainly used are those of the pure fifth: C (256 Hz) and G (384 Hz).

Diapasons thérapeutiques non lestés

There are two types of forks: the weighted and non-weighted tuning forks.

  • The main weighted tuning forks, body tuning forks, with which I work are tuned to the frequency of the Earth : 32 Hz, 64 Hz, and 128 Hz as well as the Ôm tuning fork at 136.10 Hz. They are used for listening and directly on the body: acupuncture points, reflexology, bones, organs ... Acupuncture practiced with these tuning forks is called "phonophoresis".

Diapasons thérapeutiques lestés

Use in scanning in the aura or on specific points of the body, the tuning forks mobilize the self-healing capacity of each of us. The vibrations of the sound emitted find their way directly, spread through the part of the body that needs it and transmit information to the cell. Thus, by vibration, the tuning fork informs and harmonizes the tissues, organs, subtle bodies ... crossed to reach the optimal vibrational state.

In this treatment, I also integrate other therapeutic tools such as Tibetan bowls, lithotherapy and possibly other complementary energy techniques.

Bol tibétain, bol chantant
Pierres de lithothérapie

The method I practice is limited to the sphere of well-being and is not akin to any medical or paramedical practice.

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