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In the universe, everything is energy and vibration , which is why sound therapy resonates with each of us. The instruments used are numerous and different depending on the therapist: Tibetan bowls, crystal bowl, chimes, cymbals, gongs, percussion, tuning forks….

Ce sont des cymbales ting-sha
C'est un bol chantant et son maillet

Tibetan bowls are also called "singing bowls" or "Himalayan bowls" in reference to their provenance. Indeed, these bowls come mainly from Tibet, Nepal and northern India.

The bowls with which I work are handcrafted and carefully crafted. I chose them for their tone, their tone and the strength of the sound obtained , for each of them. According to its tone, each therapeutic bowl is associated with one of the seven main chakras, these energy wheels that govern our different bodies. The set of 7 bowls, associated with the 7 chakras, forms an ascending harmony.

When the bowls are struck, soothing sound waves are created. They are received by the patient both by his ears and by the body which perceives its vibrations. They can relieve both physical and mental ailments.

The benefits obtained are many and varied, we note in particular:

  • Reduced stress, deep calmness, relaxation, improved sleep

  • Emotional releases linked to repressed emotions, memories

  • Suppression of negative energies and emotions

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Energy harmonization, aura purification, balancing of the two cerebral hemispheres

  • An aid to physical recovery

  • Help with different addictions


Everyone reacts to vibrations differently depending on their sensitivity, their receptivity, their openness ... thus, the effects of the same session will not be completely identical from one person to another.


What to expect from a sound therapy session?

For who ?

Children, teenagers, adults….
Children must be accompanied by an adult.


My practice is not suitable for people with epilepsy.

Other conditions require accommodation and should be reported :
- wearing a Pacemaker
- recent fracture (less than 6 months)

- cancer
- recent surgery (less than 6 months)
- pregnant woman
- psychiatric disorders

We are talking about it:

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